Public health. It’s about protecting and improving the health and well-being of all individuals, as well as their families and communities. At its best, public health prevents problems before they arise, using strategies such as vaccines to protect against infectious diseases and rigorous monitoring to assure drinking water quality, food safety, and efficient delivery of health-care services. Public health also helps ensure well-being through education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, by conducting research to better understand disease and injury, and by addressing the cultural and social contexts that influence health.

Since its founding in 1999, the University of Iowa College of Public Health has become a nationally recognized, comprehensive resource for the study and practice of public health, focusing on areas such as community engagement, rural health, and comparative evaluations of life-saving public health interventions.

The college offers top-notch education, groundbreaking research, and innovative outreach programs that help people in Iowa, the United States, and around the world lead healthier, more productive lives.

Honor Clubs

Ways to Join the Dean's Club

The Dean’s Club recognizes alumni and other supporters who make annual gifts of $500 or more. Joining is easy:

  • Gifts can be made online or by mail or phone.
  • Contributions to any UI College of Public Health funds qualify for membership.
  • Employer matching gifts count toward annual membership.
  • Gifts can be made in the form of an outright contribution or a pledge.
  • Membership in the Dean’s Club must be renewed each year.
Benefits of Dean's Club Membership

Dean’s Club members are among the college’s most esteemed contributors, and they enjoy many advantages, including:

  • Invitations to special events and receptions, such as gatherings co-hosted by the UI College of Public Health and Hancher.
  • Recognition in the UI College of Public Health Building and in the college’s annual Honor Roll of Contributors.
  • Personal communications from the dean.

In addition to these opportunities, the UI Center for Advancement has a variety of recognition programs to acknowledge the generosity of contributors university-wide. Learn more about university-wide honor clubs.

For more information, contact: Christine Scheetz, Director of Development, College of Public Health (319) 467-3781