Campaign Priorities

For Iowa. Forever More: The Campaign for the University of Iowa will help the college advance its priorities for students, faculty, programs, and facilities in the following areas:

Programs, Centers, and Institutes: $40.1 million
There is a true sense of community in the Tippie College’s undergraduate program. Our centers and institutes connect students interested in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, international business, and risk management and insurance with mentors, help them fine-tune their resumes and interview skills, and create a bridge to those in the industry. These student-focused initiatives give our graduates a competitive edge as they enter the workforce, and increased funding will enhance the availability and effectiveness of these important resources.
Faculty Support: $41 million
Attracting and retaining talented faculty members is a top priority for the college. Our faculty salaries remain below the median of our peers. All six of our academic departments need funds for chairs, professorships, and fellowships to help us attract and retain outstanding faculty.
Scholarship Support: $19.5 million
While Tippie has a strong supply of need-based scholarships, the college must increase the number of merit-based scholarships available for both graduate and undergraduate students. Merit-based scholarships help us attract great students, and provide opportunities that will develop them into tomorrow’s leaders. In addition, scholarships for travel, internships, and study abroad will allow a higher percentage of our students to participate in these transformative experiences that are highly valued by today’s recruiters.
Tippie Excellence Fund: $7 million
A company without operational support won’t succeed. The same is true for the Tippie College of Business. We need flexible funding to explore and launch new initiatives, expand alumni engagement in the life of the college, and implement marketing and communications strategies to tell the Tippie story and build our brand. With help from the Excellence Fund, we will have the ability to do more and be more for years to come.
M.B.A. Programs: $9.5 million
MBA Career Academies provide academic and professional experiences—tied to industry—that result in marketable skill sets. The Tippie Business Solutions Center brings together teams of MBA students to deliver unique solutions to real-world business problems. Working with clients in a multi-functional team environment provides a transformational experience. Additional resources will allow us to enhance the academy model and expand the Business Solutions Center capabilities and student learning opportunities.
Graduate Fellowship Support: $2.4 million
To ensure that there are excellentfaculty in the classroom in the next decade, we need to feed the pipeline. It is imperative that we do our part to educate the faculty of tomorrow, and an endowment of this size could generate up to 10 graduate fellowships each year.
Facilities Enhancements: $5.5 million
In the last ten years, our undergraduate population has grown 50 percent. In order to provide the best instruction to our students, we need flexible workspace, access to the latest technologies, and room to grow. Expansion and redesign of our facilities will allow us to address the changing face of education—both in and out of the classroom.
Campaign Goal: $125 million