Campaign Priorities

For Iowa. Forever More: The Campaign for the University of Iowa will help the college advance its priorities for students, faculty, programs, and facilities in the following areas:

Facilities Enhancements: $10 million

To sustain and build on its rich heritage, the college is transforming its physical facility to accommodate the art and science of dentistry for the 21st century and beyond. This important building transformation will provide state-of-the-art technology, clinics, and research space to meet the needs of the future in dental education, research, and patient care.

Student Support: $4 million

The College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics offers a preeminent education, and admits only the most highly qualified of its applicants. Students are the lifeblood of the college, and student aid not only provides financial assistance for outstanding students, but also serves as an essential recruitment tool, attracting the very best to the program.

Faculty Support: $4 million

To maximize their potential as educators, clinicians, and researchers, faculty must have the necessary resources to excel. To keep its current outstanding faculty, and to recruit the next generation of dental educators, the college must increase the number of endowed faculty positions in all departments.

Research Support: $3 million

Superior research facilities are essential to the college’s overall success. By having a state-of-the-art dental clinical/transitional research facility, the college will be able to continue its leadership in advanced oral-health research. Increased funding will enhance research and educational opportunities for its faculty and students, and will help the college retain its excellent faculty while recruiting promising young investigators.

Program Support: $1 million

Endowed funds will provide consistent support for educational outreach initiatives, the practice management program, and ongoing continuing education programs. This long-term solution also will allow the college to devote unrestricted annual funds to other essential priorities.

Unrestricted Support: $3 million

Unrestricted funds provide an important resource for other special programs and educational opportunities that may fall outside the existing budget. These funds can—at the dean’s discretion—provide much-needed support for areas of greatest need.

Campaign Goal: $25 million