Grand Challenges Initiative

As one of the premier research institutions in the nation, the University of Iowa is committed to advancing knowledge and education through discovery, application, and creative work. Many of today’s most exciting and important research frontiers transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. To maintain and strengthen our research and creative excellence, we must facilitate multidisciplinary scholarship, instruction, and public service. This is the aim of the UI’s Grand Challenges Initiative.

  • Water Sustainability

    WaterSusThumbnailThe lack of adequate access to clean water is a global crisis affecting more than a billion people worldwide.
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  • The Aging Mind and Brain

    brainworksUnderstanding how aging affects cognitive functioning will allow us to translate that knowledge into better quality of life for an aging population.
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  • Digital Public Humanities

    digital-public-humanitiesEngaging community partners in collaborative projects, using opportunities available in today’s digital world, can promote understanding of ourselves and our communities while contributing to the public good.
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  • Genetics

    DNA_thumbGenetics will be the basis of future research unraveling the connections between our DNA sequences and our risks for clinical disease, and will provide a rational basis for prevention, intervention, and cure.
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  • Obesity

    diet-applesAs a consequence of increased food availability and sedentary lifestyles, we confront a global epidemic of obesity that extends from children to the elderly, resulting in an escalating socioeconomic and medical burden.
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  • For more information, contact: Erin Thomas-Lewis, Vice President (319) 467-3419