Iowa Law School Foundation

The Iowa Law School Foundation (ILSF) was established to solicit and manage gifts of money and/or property, for the exclusive purpose of granting gifts of money and/or property to the College of Law for research and educational activities, and is the preferred channel of support for private gifts to the College of Law. The foundation works with alumni, friends, law firms, and corporations to assist them in providing support to the college’s students, faculty, and programs. The ILSF, which was established in 1952, is a nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors, including alumni, friends, faculty, and students.

The ILSF and the University of Iowa Foundation (which serves as the channel for gifts to all other parts of the UI) work in concert to secure private support for the College of Law. Through a contractual arrangement, UI Foundation staff members work closely with the dean of the College of Law to help law alumni and friends direct their gifts to the programs of greatest interest to them.

All gifts to the Iowa Law School Foundation qualify as charitable contributions to an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes. Contact the ILSF and your financial advisor for more information on making gifts.

For more information, please contact the ILSF at 800-648-6973.

Investment objectives

The investment objectives of the ILSF are:

  • To optimize return consistent with preservation of principal, diversification, and avoidance of excessive risk.
  • To exercise reasonable care, skill, and caution with regard to the ILSF investment of funds in the context of the entire portfolio of funds which incorporates risk and return objectives reasonably suitable to the purposes of the ILSF.
  • To provide investment flexibility to meet changing environments in a manner consistent with the Iowa Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act.