About Phil

Phil is learning in classrooms, researching in labs, building new facilities, and giving back to others. Phil takes to the stage and charges the playing fields. Phil is everywhere. Phil is Iowa. Phil is you.

Why? Because at Iowa, Phil stands for philanthropy, and Phil represents our alumni and friends who support the University of Iowa, as well as all those—students, faculty, and those in the larger UI community—who benefit from their generosity.

Phil Was Here is part of the University of Iowa Foundation’s Student Philanthropy Initiative (SPI). Launched in 2007, the initiative is an important part of what UI Foundation President and CEO Lynette Marshall calls “building a culture of philanthropy” at the University of Iowa. The purpose is to build awareness among students about the importance of private support in enhancing their educational experience at Iowa, and to actively engage current UI students in all aspects of philanthropy.

In 2009, the foundation formed the Student Philanthropy Group to help spread the word about the impact philanthropy has on campus, and the concept of Phil was born.

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