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UI Foundation issues statements on provision of salary support for Ken Mason

May 24, 2012

Posted on May 24th, 2012

The University of Iowa Foundation today issued two statements about how the request was made to the UI Foundation in 2007 to provide salary support for Dr. Ken Mason as a presidential fundraiser. The statements are from Lynette L. Marshall, president and CEO of UI Foundation and Charles M. Kierscht, who was the UI Foundation’s board chair in 2007.

Statement from Lynette L. Marshall, President and CEO of UI Foundation

Interim President Gary Fethke called me to his office and indicated that the members of the Board of Regents who were negotiating with Dr. Sally Mason on her employment package asked that Dr. Kenneth Mason be employed as a half time fundraiser at a salary of $50,000 plus benefits. Dr. Fethke indicated that Dr. Mason’s other half-time employment would be in the Department of Biology. He encouraged me to agree to the request and I indicated that I would speak with my board chair and get back to him. After conferring with Chuck Kierscht, UI Foundation Board Chair and Doug True, UI Senior VP and Treasurer, the UI Foundation agreed that we would provide the salary support requested for Ken Mason.

Statement from Charles M. Kierscht, UI Foundation Board Chair in 200

I recall that Lynette Marshall called me to discuss the request she had received directly from Interim President Gary Fethke about the UI Foundation providing financial support for the hiring of Dr. Kenneth Mason as a presidential fundraiser. The purpose of the UI Foundation is to support the mission of the University of Iowa and after conferring we replied that we would be pleased to provide the requested support.