Campaign Priorities

For Iowa. Forever More: The Campaign for the University of Iowa will help the college advance its priorities for students, faculty, programs, and facilities in the following areas:


Merit- and Need-Based Scholarships: $70 million
Scholarships based both on need and merit—including Presidential, Old Gold, Advantage Iowa, Iowa Boost, and other scholarships—are crucial in helping the UI attract a talented, diverse student body from Iowa and beyond.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities: $5 million
Support for the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) promotes undergraduate involvement in mentored research and creative projects across all disciplines of study.
Global and Multicultural Programs: $4 million
Programs and initiatives such as Study Abroad Scholarships, the Iowa to the World Fund, the International Studies Fund, and the International Opportunities Fund help the UI respond to an increasingly interconnected world by enhancing learning experiences at home and abroad.
Presidential Visiting Scholarship Program: $3.5 million
The Presidential Visiting Scholar Fund will provide support for the on-campus presence of eminent scholars, business leaders, and artists for periods of time ranging from two to eight weeks.
Macbride Learning Center: $3 million
The UI envisions a LEED-Platinum environmental learning center at the Macbride Nature Recreation Area to serve as the “nest” for our award-winning, accredited environmental education programs, and also as a place to further train and equip Iowa educators, scientists, and engineers.
Women’s Resource and Action Center: $2.5 million
The outstanding resources and advocacy programs that WRAC offers desperately need a new facility to replace a rapidly failing and inadequately sized building.
Iowa N.E.W. Leadership: $1.5 million
Approximately 30 young women—many of whom go on to be public officials and elected leaders upon graduation—participate each year in this six-day residential institute, developing leadership skills and gaining knowledge in key areas that support engagement in civic life.
Leadershape: $750,000
Sixty students per year will spend a week in retreat learning leadership skills and identifying a personal project to make a positive difference in their communities.
Presidential Faculty Development Funds: $500,000
Presidential Faculty Development Funds will provide support for selected faculty to pursue either curricular advancements or research projects, leading to increased expertise that translates to better teaching, research, and service to students.
My Iowa: $250,000
My Iowa draws on the rich resources that our underrepresented students bring to campus, and discovers new ways to empower our students to be leaders on a predominately white campus.
Campaign Goal: $91 million