Telefund Information

Who is calling?

The University of Iowa Telefund calls from one or more of the phone numbers seen below. If you answer, you can expect to be speaking with a current UI student. So, if you see us calling, know that we would love to speak with you!

  • (319) 499-6003
  • (319) 499-6004
  • (319) 499-6100
  • (319) 499-6101
  • (319) 499-6102
  • (319) 499-6103
  • (319) 499-6104

Why do we call?

There are many reasons why the UI Telefund is beneficial to alumni and friends of the university, its students, and the hundreds of university programs who rely on private support to enhance the educational experience.

First, the UI Telefund plays an essential role in fostering two-way communication between the university and thousands of alumni, parents, and friends each year. As much as we say during a call, it is exceedingly important to us to listen to what you have to say. Our student callers love to hear about your experiences, but, even more so, they want to be able to answer your questions or concerns. If you have something that can’t be addressed by our callers, they are experts at putting you in contact with someone who can.

Calls from the UI Telefund are made exclusively by current students. Beyond the part-time job opportunity, these students build communication skills that few other college experiences could offer. These students learn a tremendous amount about their university and how the people they talk to are able to make their education possible.

Lastly, gifts through the UI Telefund play a huge role in filling the budget gap left over from decreasing state appropriations and rising tuition payments. Programs at the university use their annual fund dollars for student scholarships, undergraduate and graduate-level research, faculty recruitment and retention efforts, and more. Nobody is more grateful for these things than our student callers.

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