The pioneering artist and critic Lil Picard once said, “Art is art, life, birth, death, you, me, the world, the planet Earth, the universe—the best human experience and activity.” The University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA), established in 1969, celebrates this all-encompassing power of art and furthers arts education and research with one of the top university art collections in the country.

Despite the Flood of 2008, which forced the museum to carefully remove all its collections and permanently evacuate its building, the UIMA remains committed to its mission of connecting with its university and public audiences. Through the use of temporary facilities and creative outreach, the museum continues to build and preserve its remarkable art collection, present groundbreaking exhibitions, offer K-12 programming for hundreds of Iowa students each year, collaborate with UI art students and faculty, and provide free community programming for everything from openings and lectures to exhibitions.

By ensuring its central role in furthering the university’s mission, serving citizens throughout the state and participating in the international art world, the UIMA continues to champion “the best human experience” for generations to come.


Privately supported research and program funds


Percentage of gifts from alumni


Number of pieces in UIMA’s permanent collection

Membership Levels

When you make a charitable donation to the UIMA, you receive membership benefits automatically. We welcome all gifts of every amount and type, from outright cash gifts, to works of art, to estate gifts. Learn more

Level Gift Amount
Elliott Collector's Club Gifts of Art
1847 Society Deferred Gifts
Wilke Society $10,000
Patron $5,000
Advocate $2,500
Director's Circle $1,000
Sponsor $500
Curator's Circle $250
Contributor $100
Friend less than $100

For more information, contact: Susan Horan, Associate Director, UI Museum of Art (319) 467-3814