How to Create a Bequest for the University of Iowa

Your will is a legal document, and it should be drafted or amended by an attorney. The UI Foundation Planned Giving staff are available to work with you and your attorney to draft a bequest that will fit your situation, satisfy your personal goals, and meet the University’s needs.

Bequests can benefit your favorite university program, department, or college. Alternately, you may choose to provide a bequest for undesignated support. Such gifts, directed to the university’s areas of greatest need, have benefits that are truly campus-wide.

Whatever area of the UI you wish to support through deferred giving, it’s essential that all correspondence, legal documents, and distributions use the full legal corporate title: the State University of Iowa Foundation. This reflects the fact that the Foundation has been designated by the university as its preferred channel for private support.

We will always honor your wishes regarding donor recognition and contact by the UI Foundation. We’d love to serve and thank you by including you in our mailings and listing you in our honor rolls, but if you wish, we’ll restrict our contact with you to as little as you are comfortable with. It is important to us that your generosity is being appropriately recognized.

Suggested Language for a Bequest in a Will or Trust

I give to the State University of Iowa Foundation, an Iowa nonprofit corporation of Iowa City, Iowa,

(Choose one of the following:)
1.   the sum of $ ______________
2.   all of my interest in the following described property: ____________
3.   ____ percent or all of the residue of my estate,

(Choose one of the following:)
1.   to be used as the board of directors of the Foundation
shall determine.
2.   to be used for the benefit of __________________.
(name of college, department or program)
3.   to be used for the purpose of _________________ .
         (for example: student financial aid, research, faculty
development, other purpose).

4.   to be used in accordance with the terms of a signed
Statement of Gift Intent, as then in existence at the
time of my death.

If in future years, the above stated purpose is no longer necessary, practical, or possible, the board of directors of the Foundation shall use its discretion to designate this gift for a related purpose that best promotes and supports education and research at The University of Iowa.

We encourage you to share this suggested language with your attorney and recommend that you visit with your advisor(s) regarding the best asset(s) to use for your charitable bequests.

Note: Gifts and bequests to support the UI College of Law also may directed to the Iowa Law School Foundation, which was organized before the UI Foundation and functions as another private nonprofit corporation with its own board of directors. All gifts are processed through the UI Foundation, and all Law School Foundation contributors are recognized as contributors to the UI Foundation.