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When you give to students... you give to the world.

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Thousands of students
Dream of
the University of Iowa

They seek a world-class education at a Big Ten research university that will launch their successful futures. However, economic barriers keep many academically qualified students from considering Iowa.

The cost of a college education often exceeds their abilities to contribute and strains their families’ financial resources—as well as the university’s. But you can make a difference.

You can break down these financial barriers and allow bright students to choose Iowa by supporting the Forevermore Scholarship. Scholarships are our top philanthropic priority because they can help all students afford a University of Iowa education.

"I definitely did not come from a background where I’d be able to pay for college on my own, so scholarships have given me such relief. Now I can take myself to the next level, and I can set an example for my younger siblings."

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During the
2020-21 academic year
5,722 students benefitted from privately funded scholarships

"My scholarships truly have changed my life. They’ve allowed me to focus on my studies and make the most of my educational experiences. Thanks to this support, I have a bright outlook on the future."

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Create a
and change a student’s life—today and far into the future.

Our students come to Iowa from all walks of life, and nearly one-fourth of them are the first in their families to attend college. We award Forevermore Scholarships to first-year students, regardless of their chosen degree paths. These funds will encourage them to choose Iowa—rather than taking a different career route—and experience the life-changing power of a UI education.

Those students who maintain their credit hours and uphold a minimum grade point average can count on this scholarship’s continued support throughout their four years at Iowa. Forevermore Scholarships are designed to give us flexibility in making awards to students, so the funds do not have any additional restrictions. If you would like to specify that students from a particular college or program receive your support, we can accommodate that within other scholarship programs.

Here are a few ways in which you can donate to a Forevermore Scholarship:

  • You can establish a named endowment that will support one or more students each year in perpetuity. Request more information.
  • You can create a named, temporary Forevermore Scholarship, and you will be matched with a student. Request more information.
  • You can give any amount to the Forevermore Scholarship fund, and these funds will be pooled with resources from other donors to create student scholarships.

Gifts to the Forevermore Scholarship help replace financial aide support that would have come out of the university's General Education Fund. This means that your contribution to a Forevermore Scholarship benefits students and also frees up university resources.

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