Iowa Women’s Leadership Network

Nearly 52 percent of University of Iowa graduates are women; many of them are trailblazers in their fields. They are mentors, innovators, and inspiring leaders who are making a difference in their communities, the nation, and the world.

The Iowa Women’s Leadership Network exists to engage, enrich, and inspire lifelong growth and community. It engages the Hawkeye family through social, educational, and service-based initiatives and programs to inspire the sharing of time, talent, and resources―ultimately enriching and celebrating their connections, growth, and success.


Through events and online communities, the Iowa Women’s Leadership Network maintains a lively presence that fosters strong personal and professional connections. The group promotes personal and professional growth, celebrates achievements and successes, fosters future generations, and provides opportunities for women to share ideas and inspire one another.

The Iowa Women’s Leadership Network serves to:

  • Engage the Hawkeye family through social, educational, and service based initiatives and programs
  • Enrich the Hawkeye family’s lives and experiences through sharing time, talent, and resources
  • Inspire the Hawkeye family to connect and grow their personal and professional lives and community

Members enjoy discussion communities, mentoring, and fellowship opportunities.

Our Leadership

The Iowa Women’s Leadership Network represents the broad diversity of all Hawkeye women across various departmental affiliations, class years, geographies, and personal and professional backgrounds. Its membership body spans the United States and beyond.

Members of the Iowa Women’s Leadership Network Board:

  • Cindy Roehr, President
  • Christin Ferrall, Vice President
  • Amalia Gedney-Lose, Secretary
  • Jeanine Abrons, Outreach & Campus Liaison
  • Kate Garrett, Outreach & Campus Liaison
  • Kristi Roehr, Recruitment
  • Larissa Bungo
  • Egenia Dixon
  • Natalie Johnson
  • Morgan Kennedy
  • Kaylee Krogman
  • Katelyn Wheeldon

Join Us

Join the Iowa Women's Leadership Network LinkedIn group and Facebook group, and use #uiowawomenconnect to connect with us on social media.

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For more information, email or call 319-335-3305. To learn more about other ways to get involved with the University of Iowa, check out additional Iowa Alumni Networks.

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Iowa alumni with shared connections are invited to join an affinity group. Some of these organizations are an extension of student interests, like Alumni Band or Dance Marathon Alumni Group.

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