Planning for a Successful Reunion

Reunions are a great opportunity to catch up with old friends. While some special reunion events are organized by faculty, most reunions are planned by members of the class and affinity groups for their peers in recognition of significant milestones such as fifth, 10th, 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries.
Your Reunion Committee: The Key to a Successful Reunion

A reunion committee of at least five members should be established to assist with planning reunion events and to recruit fellow classmates to attend. Reunion leaders are encouraged to solicit their personal networks for committee members because the success of reunion planning comes from personal connections and contacts. When soliciting members to make your committee diverse, consider the committee's purpose and needs to help maximize the efforts of the group.

It is recommended that members commit to the full planning process which should range from six to 18 months ahead of the reunion date.

Reunions are a great way to gather with classmates and colleagues whether it’s members of the same graduating class or people with like-minded interests, such as Greek organizations, student organizations, athletic groups, and groups based on majors or careers. Several common interest groups have formed alumni affinity groups for sustained activity in support of and with the university.

Reunion committee responsibilities include:

  • Research, organize, and implement events for the reunion.
  • Recruit and work with a committee of at least four other volunteers.
  • Act as a liaison to the University of Iowa Center for Advancement.
  • Engage additional volunteers to assist with event planning and coordination.
  • Maintain regular contact with your University of Iowa Center for Advancement staff liaison.
  • Support the mission of the University of Iowa.

The UI Center for Advancement is proud to offer complimentary reunion planning services to alumni groups that are interested in hosting reunions. The center has a number of tools to assist organizing committees in creating a fun and meaningful reunion event.

Reunion Planning Packet: Our reunion planning packet is filled with information compiled by our experienced programming staff. The packet includes:

  • A recommended timeline and checklist.
  • Tips and suggestions for reunions of all sizes.
  • A list of on-campus contacts, as well as contacts within the local business community.

Request a reunion planning packet today!

Alumni Records: We can assist alumni groups with contacting members.

Mailers: Save-the-date reminders or invitations with all necessary information will be sent to prospective attendees of your reunion.

Email Blasts: A save-the-date email invitation and reminder emails will be prepared and sent on your behalf to our online alumni community.

Reunion Registration Form: Your affinity group will have a reunion registration website with details about the event and a list of committee members.

Marketing: We can assist you in marketing your reunion through various channels.

Supplies: We can provide name tags and other materials to help make your reunion festive and informative.

Advice: Our team will serve as an adviser to help answer your questions, find campus contacts, and provide recommendations. One-on-one consultations are available throughout this process depending on the project leaders’ needs to help you plan the best reunion possible for your group.

For assistance and to learn more about how we can collaborate for your reunion, please contact the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement (Affinity Programs) at

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