Alumni Career and Professional Development Resources

Once a Hawkeye, Always a Hawkeye. As a University of Iowa graduate, you are part of a network of many proud alumni. On this web page you’ll find information to help connect you with other Hawkeyes, in addition to resources to help advance your career and further your education at Iowa.

Pomerantz Career Center

The University of Iowa’s Pomerantz Career Center helps Hawkeyes become leaders in their career and community. Browse the Pomerantz Career Center site for professional resources, including Big Interview, a platform that allows you to learn and practice interview skills ahead of your next big interview. Alumni within one year of graduation are eligible for career advising.

Job Opportunities

Hire a Hawkeye! Post or browse job opportunities through Handshake, an online recruiting tool that connects Iowa alumni who are hiring and seeking jobs.

Mentorship Opportunities

The Mentoring@Iowa website shares mentoring programs available on campus and provides resources to help mentors and mentees make the most out of the mentorship experience. It is also meant to promote a transparent and intentional culture of mentoring in which mentors and mentees enrich each others’ professional and personal experiences, whether at the University of Iowa or beyond.

Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for searching job opportunities, growing your professional network, and connecting with fellow Hawkeye alumni.

Graduate and Professional Programs

The University of Iowa offers graduate and continuing education programs to help you advance your career and reach your next professional milestone.

Get Involved

University of Iowa alumni are located all over the world. Reconnect with classmates or find Hawkeyes to help grow an alumni network near you.

  • Attend an Event

    Attend a virtual event or see when the university may be coming to a city near you.

  • Find a Regional Iowa Club

    Iowa alumni and friends have welcoming networks in cities across the globe. Get involved in game watches, volunteer opportunities, and more.

  • Join an Alumni Affinity Group

    Iowa graduates with shared connections are invited to join an alumni affinity group. Some of these organizations are an extension of student activities, while others connect alumni with shared experiences and identities like race, culture, sexual orientation, or military service.

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At a time when the corporate world seems to have lost its integrity, the University of Iowa aims to restore some old-fashioned values.

Beasley never imagined that a hobby that began as a respite from his busy life as an attorney would turn into a meaningful way to serve an organization dear to his heart.

It was a "life-defining moment" for Janice when she rediscovered her alma mater during a human-resources symposium at Iowa. The visit inspired her to become more involved?and led to her eventually becoming an outstanding Iowa volunteer and co-chair of For Iowa. Forever More: The Campaign for the University of Iowa. It all started with a sister's love?a love that grew to reach so many others, especially young, talented women. Janice Ellig is co-CEO of Chadick Ellig, a high-powered executive search firm in New York City. According to Business Week, she also is "one of the world's most influential headhunters." But before she made it in the Big Apple, Ellig was a young woman walking in her older sister's footsteps?all the way to the University of Iowa. "I was eight years behind Adrienne, and, as a native New Yorker, I observed Iowa through her experiences," says Ellig. "I followed her there, graduated with a degree in business, and came back East. I didn't reconnect with the University of Iowa until 25 years later." By then, Adrienne had lost her battle with cancer, and Ellig had carved out a stellar career driven, in large part, by her sister's influence. Ellig wanted to keep Adrienne's memory alive and found a perfect way to do so at Iowa. "It's been a remarkable experience to get to know the recipients of my sister's scholarship. They are beautiful people, inside and out, and they are dedicated to public health. These are very informed women, with strong opinions, who are passionate about their work and their families." - Janice Ellig In 1999, she established the Adrienne Astolfi Eddins Health Management Scholarship, which helps female students in the University of Iowa College of Public Health. Ellig has forged strong connections with these students; they often get together when she's in Iowa City, and she also has brought them to her home in New York City for two different weekend visits. "These are highly accomplished women, and I want them to reach for the stars, as high as they can," says Ellig. "I want them to form a strong bond and help each other succeed. We need more women in top leadership positions in this country; they are our future." Ellig is a leader. Not only is she a dedicated mentor, but also a generous donor and tireless volunteer. She hopes other women will follow her example?according to their means‐by making gifts of time, effort, and resources and by nurturing other women's personal and professional successes. "I tell these students that they need to invest in other women going forward because that is part of my sister's legacy?to pass the torch." Watch: Janice Ellig Speak at the University of Iowa

University of Iowa alumni and friends can give back by mentoring and providing internship and practicum experience to current students.

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