By Maxwell C., Illinois

175-Word Micro Story Contest Winner - 7 & 8th Grades

I wake up to the aroma of delicious food wafting through the house. The marvelous smell brings me to my feet. I dash downstairs to find my dad skillfully flipping crepes on a pan.

Our tradition is unlike most, as it doesn't take place on any specific day. In this way, it's like a surprise birthday party. You never know when it's going to happen. This makes it all the more exciting.

Dad acknowledges me and I eagerly inform him what I want in my first crepe. The tradition is simple. Dad wakes up early to start producing crepes, and when each of my family members wakes up, we tell him what we want in our first. Choices include Nutella, cheese, and banana. When my first one is made, I devour its magnificence, and my taste buds rejoice. Then, painstakingly, I wait until everyone in the house has gotten their first before giving my request for seconds. Sometimes we'll have thirds, too, even fourths! Of course, we give Dad time to make his own. Usually.

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