Birthday Smash

By Dulce R., Illinois

175-Word Micro Story Contest Winner - 5 & 6th Grades

Every year, we wait for the day to come along where we get to celebrate ourselves. We call it our birthday. You may think of it as a day where you get to open gifts, eat birthday cake, and party with your friends. Although these seem like a tradition for everyone, some people may have their own way of celebrating.

In Mexican tradition, on our birthdays eating cake is not our first priority. Instead, we have a tradition called "La Mordida". Hold your hair and your hands back and be prepared to get your face smashed in the marvelous, sticky cake! Every year, I wait to hear the words "MUERDELO!" which in English means "BITE IT!". I get excited to sit in front of everyone despite knowing my face is going to plunge into the mushy, sugary cake. My hair will be sticky, and my face will be covered with sweet icing. Hearing everyone burst into laughter, seeing others smile, is why I would wait 365 days to do it all over again and again.

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