Seeing Things in a Different Way

By Marie Z., Texas

175-Word Micro Story Contest Winner - 5 & 6th Grades

I'm trying my best to smile. I'm standing on the front porch of my house with my sister while my mom's taking our picture for the first day of school, just like she does every year.

Even though I'm smiling, I have a pit in my stomach. Nothing's worse than the first day of school. Last year was horrible. Kids were mean, there was a ton of homework, and after each day, I had a terrible headache.

Hopefully this year will be different though. It's been difficult to find friends here because we moved across the country just before quarantine. But over the summer I did make a friend who goes to my school...could it be a sign that school might go well?

I walk over to my mom, where she's holding out the camera for me to see the picture. When I see it, I actually feel a bit proud. I look at myself smiling genuinely and realize something. Maybe I am ready for this school year after all.

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