By Kathryn Kenyon, Iowa

Microstory Contest Winner - Adult, Non-Alumni (Prompt A)

A murmuring, restless crowd.

Nervous anticipation amongst a sea of jovial giants.

My tiny hands clenchedÖsomethingís happening.

Itís coming!

A hush, the ground shakes, attention demanded.

Thunderous thuds, amplifying; a heartbeat within my ears.

Metallic and rhythmic blasts energize, rippling through me.

Brassy and rich, wide-eyed, my pulse is racing.

The laser-focused band of giants materialize, armed with instruments.

Each footstepís felt, marching past in unison.

Euphoria, standing on my toes to get a last glimpse.

I donít want it to end!

Music dissipates, buzzing crowd.†

Transformed; Iím no longer just a child.

Iím a Hawkeye.

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