Robert G. Ojemann

52BA, 55MD Achievement 1991

Robert G. Ojemann, 52BA, 55MD, is known nationally and internationally for his work as a clinical neurosurgeon and researcher. In addition to writing more than 150 published articles and two books on various aspects of neurosurgery and brain function, he has been invited to give many distinguished lectures. He has also been elected president of four national neurosurgical societies and has been active in many other professional organizations.

An Iowa City native and son of distinguished University of Iowa educator Ralph H. Ojemann, Robert Ojemann received his B.A. from the UI in 1952 with highest distinction. In 1955, he graduated first in his class at the UI College of Medicine. He went on to become a neurosurgical resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and has maintained his association with that institution ever since. Currently professor of surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, he has held visiting professorships at more than 15 other institutions.

Ojemann's publications cover a broad spectrum of topics in neurosurgery, with special emphasis on benign brain tumors and conditions that limit blood supply to the brain. His work constitutes a meaningful contribution to the field of neurosurgery and the management of brain diseases. A hobbyist whose interests include carpentry and landscaping, Ojemann and his wife Jean have four sons. He is a life member of the Alumni Association and a member of the UI Foundation's Presidents Club.

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