Irving Ariel

36MD Achievement 1986

Irving Ariel is one of the eminent men in the world of medicine and research who has brought honor to himself and his industry, while keeping his patients' interests always in the forefront of his activities.

This humble scholar and gentle physician began his career in medicine at the University of Iowa in 1936, when he was awarded the M.D. His greatest contribution has been in the study and treatment of malignant diseases.

In 1949, Dr. Ariel wrote one of the first articles published on clinical cancer chemotherapy. His many interests and his concern for finding the best treatment for his patients led him to expand his scientific education even while practicing the art of medicine. In 1940, he earned his M.S. in Radiology from the University of Rochester, New York; in 1950, he was awarded an M.S. in Surgery from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Ariel's willingness to work as a trainee in radiology and surgery at a time when most surgeons would be well into the practice of their specialties is a tribute to his compassion for his patients. A major leader in the field of cancer research, Dr. Ariel moves with ease among the disciplines of surgery, oncology, and nuclear medicine. He developed surgical procedures for the treatment of cancer and pioneered in the use of radioactive isotopes for cancer treatment.

Dr. Ariel is a doctor who has made a difference—not only for the many who have benefited from his treatment, but also for his colleagues in the practice of medicine. He has written 224 articles that have been published in prestigious journals internationally. Twenty-eight medical books bear his name. Physicians today are students of his extensive bibliography, which includes a multivolume text (coauthored with George T. Pack) on the various forms of cancer and their treatment.

Dr. Ariel is professor of clinical surgery in New York Medical College, Westchester, and the State University of New York, Stony Brook, Long Island. A life member of the Alumni Association, he holds membership in many prestigious medical organizations and was founding member of such groups as the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, the American Board of Science in Nuclear medicine, and the Flying Physicians Association.

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