Homer L. Calkin

35BA, 36MA, 39PhD Service 1984

Homer L. Calkin former deputy director for the U.S. Department of State, began his service to his country in 1942 as organizations and propaganda analyst in the War Division in the Department of Justice. During World War II, he was an officer in the Military Intelligence Service of the War Department General Staff, and following the war he served on the National Archives for four years.

In 1950, Mr. Calkin joined the Department of State as an archivist on the Records Management Staff, of which division he later became chief. For 27 years, he worked in a multitude of capacities within the Department, serving on the planning staff for the extension of the Department of State building, traveling to some 50 embassies and consulates in Europe and Asia to assist in the transfer of occupation functions from the armed forces to the Department of State, assisting in the development of new procedures for the issuance of visas, and providing guidance in records management and archival problems.

Throughout his distinguished career, Calkin, 35BA, 36MA, 39PhD in History, has maintained his interest in historical research and writing. His articles and books have covered a wide range of subjects, including British-Irish relations, the American Revolution, the history of the Methodist Church, the Irish in America, the history of Iowa, and women and minorities in American foreign affairs.

One of only two lifetime honorary directors on the Friends of the Library at the University of Iowa, Homer Calkin has not only given the University generous financial support, but has served in many ambassadorial roles as well. He is a life member of the Alumni Association.

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