John H. Witte

10BA Service 1963

Through a growing span of years, with quiet conviction and without flourish or display, this man has strengthened the human community. In the city of Burlington, his home, and in the timeless world in which his University plays out its roles, he has touched the lives of present and future generations with human understanding and affections.

The record of his years bears testimony that when critical events might shatter the general conscience, he has led the way to restoring confidence; when special community needs became apparent, he has led the way to erasing need; when opportunities for youth might be enhance, he has spearheaded their expansion; hen the good of the community required the leadership of example, he has been that example. Burlington's Man of the Year in 1937 was Burlington's Man of the Year in 1962—a tribute to a sense of service which knows no special time of beginning, nor of ending.

He has been an amateur astronomer through the years, his upward gaze at planets, stars and galaxies but sharpening his view, it seems, of the place of man on this earth. As druggist, businessman, banker, and manufacturer he has demonstrated the capacity for sound enterprise; as humanitarian he has demonstrated the selflessness of conscience. He is the good citizen, and understands that role, and plays it with eloquent simplicity. His University is proud to acknowledge the leadership of his example with this Distinguished Service Award.

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