Leslie M. Fitzgerald

19DDS Service 1968

Leslie M. Fitzgerald is chief of the oral surgery staff at St. Joseph's Finley and Xavier Hospitals in Dubuque. He received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Iowa in 1919 and immediately after his graduation was appointed an instructor in the College of Dentistry. In 1920, he began his practice of dentistry and oral surgery in Dubuque where he has remained throughout his long and distinguished career. At various times, he has been a consultant and lecturer in oral surgery at the UI College of Dentistry. Dr. Fitzgerald is a past president of the Dubuque Dental Society (1920-21, 1932-33), the UI College of Dentistry Alumni Association (1931-32), the Iowa State Dental Association (1942-43), the American Society of Oral Surgeons (1941-43), and the American Dental Association (1953-54).

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