Dr. James E. Berney

37DDS, 38MS Service 1974

James E. Berney, prominent Davenport orthodontist and community leader, has been an active participant in University affairs since his graduation from the U of I College of Dentistry in 1938. An immediate past President of the University of Iowa Alumni Association (1969-73), Dr. Berney has served as an active member of the Association Board of Directors since 1965 and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Iowa Foundation. A past president of the Davenport I club and Davenport Quarterback Club, Dr. Berney was also a past member of the Scholarship Committee of the I Club of Iowa. He served recently as National Vice-Chairman of the Campaign for the University's new Health Sciences Library.

Dr. Berney has been active in American Dental Association programs for many years. He is past Secretary and past President of the Davenport District Dental Society and is past President of the Iowa State Dental Society. He has also served as President of the Scott County Dental society and as Chairman of the Council on University Relations of the Iowa State Dental Society.

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