David A. Danner

47BA Service 1976

David A. Danner's affiliation with, service to and support of the University of Iowa has been long and steadfast. While pursuing the baccalaureate degree in Spanish, which he received from the University of Iowa in 1947, Mr. Danner was an outstanding member of the Hawkeye basketball team. His dedication to these extracurricular efforts, and their quality brought honor to him and to the University though his attainment of both Big Ten and All American awards. Mr. Danner's philanthropy to the University of Iowa has focused on the College of Law, the University's athletic program and the Graduate College. He has established the Herbert P. Cormack scholarship and his contributions to the Graduate College have produced wide-ranging benefits to that College's development. Mr. Danner is Vice President of Griffith Laboratories, Inc.

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