Cheryl R. Arvidson

69BA Young 1980

Ms. Arvidson was editor of the Daily Iowan student newspaper during her senior year at the UI in 1968-69.

Upon graduation, she joined UPI in Des Moines as a staff reporter, and, in 1970, she was named bureau chief, a position which she held until her transfer to UPI's Washington, D.C., bureau in 1973.

During 1973-74 she spent her entire time covering Watergate and related stories.

During the 1976 presidential campaign, Ms. Arvidson was assigned to cover both the Republican and Democratic conventions and was UPI reporter of the Walter Mondale vice-president campaign.

More recently she has been covering the Senate Ethics Committee, preparing stories related to various scandals involving political figures.

Ms. Arvidson has served as a guest speaker at the UI School of Journalism and helped in planning for the future course structure of the journalism program. She is a member of the UI Alumni Association.

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