Diane Y. Ying

68MA Achievement 1997

Diane Y. Ying, 68MA, has distinguished herself as a leading journalist in the Far East and throughout the world with her efforts in establishing, editing, and publishing CommonWealth magazine. Bringing substance and style to business reporting in Taiwan, she has become a significant force in promoting economic progress in that country.

Ying came to the University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in English and literature from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After earning her master's degree, she spent two years reporting local news and writing features for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Back in Asia, she covered Taiwan for United Press International, the New York Times, and the Asian Wall Street Journal. For 17 years, Ying also lectured part-time to journalism students at Chengchi University.

Gradually, Ying conceived the idea for a Chinese-language business magazine similar to Fortune. When she and two colleagues founded the magazine in 1981, business journalism in Taiwan was primitive. The first print of the new publication was 10,000 copies, and it sold out in two days. CommonWealth has since led the way not only in business reporting, but also in the fields of political, social, and environmental issues. With a circulation of more than 83,000, the publication reached approximately 630,000 readers monthly, making Commonwealth the leading political-economic journal in Taiwan, as well as the nation's largest monthly magazine.

Ying has established high standards for journalism in Taiwan. Articles for her magazine are thoroughly researched and well written, complementing fine design and printing. In achieving such high standards, Ying persists in personally training her cub reporters. She takes a hand in every phase of the magazine's production, and her attention to detail contributes to Commonwealth's increasing reputation as a "must read" publication in Taiwan's boardrooms, government offices, and academic halls.

Ying has also written seven books including Waiting for Heroes, People of the Pacific Century, The Decision Makers, and Rediscovering Taiwan.

Outside the literary world, Ying is active in national civic affairs. She has served three terms as a commissioner of Taiwan's National Unification Council, a presidential advisory committee. Commissioner of the National Cultural Association, Ying has received numerous awards honoring her achievements, including the 1987 Raymond Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication and the Outstanding Alumnus Award at the National Cheng Kung University.

The UI Alumni Association selection Diane Ying to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996.

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