Herbert A. Wilson

non-UI grad Friend 1995

Herbert A. Wilson, an Iowa City entrepreneur, has worked tirelessly during the past 20 years to benefit both Iowa City and the University of Iowa community.

Truly a self-made man, Wilson has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the movers and shakers in the local business community. A Chicago native, he studied mechanical engineering at Purdue University and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago. Wilson gained his early work experience in the steel and printing industries. He moved his family to Iowa City in 1973, when he was named chief executive officer of Iowa Steel Mill (now North Star Steel) in Wilton. In 1980, Wilson purchased Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc., an abrasive specialty company, where he currently serves as president and CEO. In January 1994, Wilson established Startups Unlimited, Inc., a Coralville consulting company devoted to fostering unique entrepreneurial business opportunities.

Since moving to Iowa City, Wilson has proven himself an outstanding volunteer and contributor in a variety of arenas. Giving freely of his time and talents, Wilson's volunteer efforts and financial contributions extend to numerous community organizations, including Rotary, Riverside Theatre, the Iowa City Public Library, Preucil School of Music, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association, and the Mercy Hospital Foundation.

Wilson has also been generous to the University of Iowa through his major contributions to Iowa's performing arts programs, Old Capital, athletics, the College of Business Administration, the School of Music, and the Iowa Women's Archives. He and his wife, Janice Wilson, are members of the UI Alumni Association and the Foundation's Presidents Club.

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