Colleen J. Goode

61BSN, 93PhD Achievement 2010

Colleen J. Goode, 61BSN, 93PhD, stands out as one of this country's great nursing leaders, having dedicated her professional career to advancing the quality of nursing education and patient care.

After graduating from the University of Iowa's College of Nursing in 1961 with a bachelor of science in nursing degree, Goode earned her master's in nursing management and family nursing in 1984 from Creighton and then a doctorate of nursing in 1993 from the UI. Her impact on her profession became evident soon afterwards, when, as director of nursing at a small regional hospital, she designed and led the adoption of an evidence-based practice. The effects of this "Iowa Model" were felt worldwide, as other institutions began to use the innovative care delivery model.

Through her subsequent work at the University of Iowa and University of Colorado teaching hospitals, Goode has cemented an international reputation as "a beacon of light for clinical change." As a nursing executive, she introduced team nursing (in the 1970s), total patient care (1980s), and case management (1990s).

Goode also hired the UIHC's first nurse practitioner in the Department of Nursing and contributed research to the nursing field in the areas of autonomy, recognition, care delivery models, and evidence-based administrative protocols. In addition, she co-chaired a successful multidisciplinary research team that implemented and evaluated a case management model. Her meta-analysis documented the evidence for use of saline instead of heparin to irrigate peripheral IV's. This research changed practice across the US and internationally, leading to safer and more cost effective care.

Goode's legacy continues at Iowa through the National Research Utilization Conference, which is held annually through the UI Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services.

Since 1997, Goode has worked at the University of Colorado as a vice president for patient care services and chief nursing officer and as an associate dean for nursing practice, and currently as a professor in the College of Nursing. Under her leadership, in 2002 and 2005, the University of Colorado Hospital gained prestigious Magnet status for excellence in nursing care. Goode also developed one of the nation's first nurse residency programs and assembled a highly educated nursing department, where 83 percent of the staff holds baccalaureate degrees compared to the national average of 40 percent.

The recipient of 16 honors from various healthcare organizations, including the Outstanding Nurse Executive Award from the Iowa Organization of Nursing Executives, Goode inspires others with her grace, humor, and spirit of service. She donates much of her time and efforts to volunteer leadership positions on national nursing boards and organizations, such as the American Academy of Nursing.

Perhaps the key to this trailblazing UI alumna's enduring success as a leader, researcher, and mentor, can be seen in this remark by a colleague: "Years after leaving the nursing uniform behind, Colleen Goode is still a nurse at heart. Her attention, commitment, and compassion for patients are evident every day."

Goode is a member of the UI Alumni Association's Old Capitol Club.

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