Ailene H. Liechty

non-UI grad Friend 1999

Ailene H. Liechty, a faithful supporter of the university she and her husband adopted when they moved to Iowa City in 1931, has acted with outstanding generosity for the advancement of the University of Iowa. Her support and continuing involvement have helped the university press forward toward ambitious goals and maintain high-quality programs.

For many years, Liechty and her husband, E.J. "Jack" Liechty, were active members of the Presidents Club, the UI Foundation's honor club for its most generous supporters. Since Jack's death in 1994, she has continued that support, aiding in developments such as the upgrade of facilities, enhancing educational opportunities, and enriching the university's role in the arts. Her gifts have created and endowed scholarships in journalism, family medicine, and men's and women's athletics. She has been quick to provide gifts to many ongoing programs and projects, including Hancher Auditorium, the Museum of Art, and the Museum of Natural History. She also helped fund restoration of the Old Capitol building in time for the nation's bicentennial in 1976.

Liechty's public-spirited generosity extends beyond the university to embrace the larger community, with uninterrupted financial support to First Methodist Church and Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. An avid golfer, Liechty served as president of the Iowa City Elks Country Club women's golf group, and she contributed funds to improve the facilities of the Elks Country Club. Thanks to her unselfish gift, her hometown of Zearing, Iowa, secured the means to complete major renovation and expansion of the town's library.

In addition to generously sharing her own resources, Liechty has helped the staff of the UI Foundation attract major gifts from others. She expanded her knowledge of UI Foundation policies and needs last year by attending a financial planning workshop sponsored by the Foundation.

A former president of her local chapter of P.E.O., Liechty is a member of the College of Liberal Arts Dean's Club, the Kinnick Society, and Hancher Auditorium Silver and Greenroom Circles. She is also a member of the UI Foundation's Presidents Club.

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