H. Clark Houghton

44BA, 49JD Service 1976

During his tenure with the First National Bank of Iowa City, and his presidency of that institution since 1959, H. Clark Houghton, 44BA, 49JD, has established an enviable record of generosity and service to the University of Iowa, its students and faculty. He is a former Director of the University of Iowa Alumni Association and is Past President of the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce, the Iowa City Rotary Club, the Iowa Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and the Mercy Hospital Foundation. He has also been actively associated with the Iowa Center for the Arts, the Iowa City Recreation Association, Goodwill Industries, the Parents Committee of St. Olaf College, the Iowa Law School Foundation, Friends of the University Library and the Old Capitol Restoration Committee. In addition to his personal philanthropy, Mr. Houghton has helped to raise thousands of dollars for the University and the city of Iowa City.

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