John Martin

non-UI grad Friend 1976

John Martin, M.D., earned his medical degree from Northwestern University medical School in 1935, and spent many years as a faculty member of the school. He has also served as Chief of the Department of Neurological Service at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, D.C. Now a resident of Clarinda, Dr. Martin maintains a full and active schedule of consultation and surgery as a staff member of the Clarinda Memorial Hospital. He has given nearly $300,000 to the University of Iowa, comprised mostly of rare books. The John Martin Rare Book Room in the Health Sciences Library houses more than 800 rare books contributed by Dr. Martin. These form the nucleus of one of the country's premier collections of historic medical books. In addition, Dr. Martin has given more than 700 valuable non-medical books to the University Libraries. These gifts have substantially enhanced the growing rare-book collection in the Main Library.

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