Wallace J. Sulentic

54BA Service 1980

Wallace J. Sulentic is active in the Waterloo Industrial Development, Assoc., which promotes industry and commerce in the city. He is a former treasure, president, and trustee of Sunnyside Country Club.

He is a director and officer of Junior Achievement. He has also served as chairman for Goodwill Industries of Waterloo, and a member of the Waterloo Boys Club Advisory Board.

Currently, Mr. Sulentic is serving as campaign chairman of the Black Hawk Regional Campaign, and a member of the National Committee for the Hawkeye Arena/Recreation Project. He is also head of the Black Hawk County I-Club.

Mr. Sulentic is chairman of the Columbus High School capital campaign to raise funds for new facilities at the school.

Other boards on which Mr. Sulentic serves include the National Bank of Waterloo, Wayne Engineering Co., and Lumidor Manufacturing of Los Angeles.

An active member of the Presidents Association of the nationwide American Management Association, he received the Hall of Champions Award in 1976 for distinguished achievement in management, and in 1978, received the Beatrice Food's Award of Excellence.

He is a member of the UI Presidents Club, and a member of the UI Alumni Association.

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