Joseph N. Crowley

59BA Achievement 1994

Joseph N. Crowley, president of the University of Nevada at Reno, has gained national recognition in the field of higher education.

A political science major from Oelwein, Crowley earned his bachelor's degree at the UI in 1959, his master's degree at California State University, Fresno, in 1963 and his doctorate at the University of Washington in 1967. He joined the faculty at the University of Nevada at Reno (UNR) in 1966, was appointed chair of the political science department in 1976, and was named UNR president two years later.

UNR has experienced tremendous growth and success under Crowley's leadership. A man of vision, he set far-reaching goals for the university, challenging it to become the "best small public university in America." Through Crowley's commitment to diversity in student recruitment and retention, UNR has made significant strides in programs, scholarships, and activities, and an international scholars and study abroad program is the direct result of his initiatives.

Other highlights of Crowley's tenure as UNR president include a revitalized core curriculum and honors program, major growth in sponsored research, the creation of the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism, the founding of the College of Human and Community Sciences, the establishment of the University Foundation, and new homes for business administration , engineering, journalism, judicial education, medicine, speech pathology, and the Mackay School of Mines.

Off campus, Crowley has been a leader in intercollegiate athletic reform through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). A former member of the NCAA Council and the Presidents Commission and chair of the NCAA Committee on Certification, Crowley is now serving a two-year term as NCAA president.

Author of a recently published book on the academic presidency, Crowley is a member of the UI Alumni Association.

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