Lance Olsen

80MFA Young 1991

Lance Olsen, 80MFA, has established himself as an academic and creative force in the field of literature. An accomplished fiction writer and graduate of the UI Writers' Workshop, Olsen is an associate professor of English and creative writing at the University of Idaho.

Students praise Olsen for his ability to bring literature to life in the classroom. Besides teaching undergraduate and graduate courses ranging from creative writing to specialized topics in post modern literature, Olsen was instrumental in establishing a semester study abroad program in Oxford, England, as well as a summer program in London, for students at the University of Idaho.

In addition to his skills as a teacher, Olsen excels as a scholar and writer, having won many honors and been invited to read from his work in a variety of settings. He has published three books of criticism and numerous essays and reviews. He is also a prolific fiction writer who has made good use of skills developed in the Writers' Workshop, publishing a novel called Live From Earth and more than 45 short stories. He is currently working on his second novel, Speaking with Aliens, which combines elements of genres such as murder mystery, science fiction, and academic satire.

Olsen has built a substantial body of work and established himself in his field at a young age. If the critical, creative, and academic success he has already achieved is any indication, Olsen will emerge as one of his generation's leaders.

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