Daniel Starch

04MA, 06PhD Service 1969

Daniel Starch, the nation's leading psychologist in the fields of advertising and marketing, began his career at the UI as an instructor in psychology. He entered the world of business in 1919 and in the 50 ensuing years became a giant in the many-faceted field of business research. In 1966, he authored Measuring Advertising Readership and Results, a book synthesizing the information culled from 40 years of research in advertising readership and effectiveness.

Dr. Starch retired last September at age 85 from the chairmanship of Daniel Starch and Stall, but he retains an office in the Mamaroneck, New York, headquarters.

Dr. Starch is an alumnus of the UI. He received his Master of Arts degree in 1904 and his Doctor of Philosophy in 1906. More than two decades ago, at the celebration of its Centennial, the University of Iowa recognized Dr. Starch as one of its outstanding alumni of that day.

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