Prof. Robert J. Myers

34MS Achievement 1980

Prof. Myers earned a B.S. degree in engineering physics from Lehigh University in 1933. Upon receiving his M.S. degree from the UI in 1934, Myers was employed as a junior actuary by the Committee on Economic Security, which prepared the studies on which the Social Security Act was based.

When the act was passed Prof, Myers was hired by the Social Security Administration. He resigned as Chief Actuary in 1970 and joined the Temple University faculty.

Since 1075 he has been a consultant to the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees. He is currently a member of the National Commission on Social Security, which was established by the Social Security Amendments of 1977.

During his career Prof. Myers assisted 31 countries with their social security or pension systems and headed missions to study the social security systems of 10 other countries.

He has written three books on social insurance and more than 500 articles.

Prof. Myers received honorary degrees from Muhlenberg College in 1964 and Lehigh University in 1970.

He was president of the Society of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries, both in 1971-72, and he is only the second person ever to head both groups.

Prof. Myers is a life member of the UI Alumni Association.

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