Student Impact Grant

Student Impact Grants provide funding for a variety of University of Iowa undergraduate and graduate student activities outside the classroom, such as research, travel, and service projects. The goal is to enable students to pursue opportunities that might not otherwise be possible without financial assistance.

The President's Office has generously allocated $7,000 per semester to help enhance the student experience through these grants. The designated funds come from generous philanthropic gifts made by alumni and friends who have chosen to provide unrestricted support to the university.

Grants are awarded twice a year. Applications are typically accepted for the summer/fall semester beginning in January and for the winter/spring semester beginning in September.

The grants are made possible by a partnership between the Office of the President and Student Advancement Network (SAN).


Award Application Process

Applications will be considered for funding based on the timeline below. An online form will be available for students and student groups to use when the application period opens. A maximum of $7,000 in total grants will be awarded. Grant amounts will range from $100-$1,000 awards.

Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 Semester Awards

  • August 31 – Application opens
  • September 25 – Application deadline (5 p.m.)
  • November 16 – Grant recipients will be notified for funding requests for winter or spring semester of the 2021 academic year
  • December 7 – Signed Grant Recipient Agreement form due
  • January 4 – Award transfers/payments for winter projects
  • January 25 – Award transfers/payments for spring projects
  • May 4 – Winter/Spring grant recipient presentations detailing how the funds were used and how the grant impacted recipient’s Iowa experience. This event is open to the public.

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled full time as a University of Iowa undergraduate or graduate student for the spring 2021 semester and be in good standing as defined in the University of Iowa Code of Student Life.
  • Student groups or organizations must be recognized by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership or by a University of Iowa department.
  • Program/expense cannot be fully covered by other grants or funding methods.
  • Funding requests must be shown to improve or enhance the student experience.
  • Once a student receives a grant, they are not eligible for another University of Iowa Center for Advancement student grant within the next three years.
  • Grants are not renewable.

Review Process

Members of the University of Iowa Student Advancement Network will review all submissions and make a recommendation. A University of Iowa Center for Advancement employee will oversee the scoring and review process. After review, recommendations will be sent to the Office of the President, which will make the final decision on all grant awards.

Awardees will then be notified of their selection to receive a grant, and payment will be provided by the Office of the President through a transfer to the student's U-Bill or student organization's account. The University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid has advised that these grants will not affect other financial aid that a student may receive.

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University of Iowa alumni and friends can give back by mentoring and providing internship and practicum experience to current students.

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